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2008-09-16 22:54:29 by Flame-Sonic

Hey, have you all ever heard of Sonic The Swordsman? I have and it was great! But Besides that, On YouTube, There is a Halarious Episode Serios Actually Made by this person Called "Stupid Mario Bros." I am sorry to say that I haven't been here in a while So I couldn't Make The Comics. While On ther Mac, I am Still Trying To Figure Out how to make sprite comics because I did those on the Windows Using MSPaint/Paint Depending on the Computer. Alrighty then, I'd Like to tell you about another great site but It's no good to advertise in one single post. Please also remember to subscribe and (OPTIONAL) Donate to these people so there might possibly be a Season 3! Well, see yal Later...

Coming up Next On Yu-Gi-Oh! uh...I mean Sonic

Chao: Hey Sonic What's up?
Sonic: ...I have to show everyone that I am the Best
Chao: Yes?
Sonic: Show that I'm the Greatest
Chao: Yes?!
Sonic: And to Show Eveyone...
Chao: YES?!!!!
Sonic: How Hard I Trained You!
Chao: WHAT?!?!

Until then, Chao! uh, I mean Ciao


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2008-11-14 07:50:48

kai the hedgehog (me) says hi